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Writing this review after using all the three phone 
I had bought the zenfone 5 just after the launch but after one month of continuous use I realized that it had some fault in the hearing speaker. I checked with my friends zenfone and it was perfectly OK. Flipkart was courteous enough to refund the same.
After that I bought moto g new edition.

I am not writing the specs comparison which you can get easily at Flipkart and its deceiving sometimes as on paper they may claim heaven but what matters is real performance. I am writing this one for helping the confused buyers considering the user experience and the things which are not compared/ highlighted in online reviews but matters a lot.

Design and build: 

Both have the good build quality but I liked the moto g as it feels comfortable to hold. moto g is very soft on hand and for the same screen size its dimensions are less and thus easy to operate. Zenfone has a bigger form factor and the design is edgy so while holding in one hand or while talking its edges hurt.
Xiomi Redmi 1s is old school basic design with solid feel but @160g weight its too heavy to carry around.


Though on paper both have the same specs but the colors are more stunning and vivid on zenfone 5 it feels like an amoled screen. Moto g looks a bit washed out.
Xiomi Redmi 1s on paper has the same HD screen but it has a yellowish tinge in the screen and black is not true black as in Moto G so colour contrast is not that impressive.


All the three have equally powerful processor not much difference.


Though moto g has the less ram but as it runs vanilla android its requirement is also less so again it's equal in both and I did not find any lag in both.

User experience:

zenui wins here as it gives many enhancements over the stock android but after android l upgrade on moto g the situation will completely change. Xiomi Redmi 1s MIUI is like a copy of iOS with lots of improvements but I didnt like personally as it doesnt look modern.


I played heavy games like Injustice: Gods among us, Asphalt:8 & Real Racing on both the phones.
In this aspect the Zenfone 5 is clear winner as you can play almost all the games in best graphics setting without lag but again be ready keep a charger beside phone as it will eat your battery at approx 10% per 15 min. 

If someone is expecting a great gaming experience in Moto g is not for you the above 
games runs flawlessly on Moto G at medium graphics setting. At high graphics setting the games may close in between due to low RAM but again Battery performance is much better here its 10% per 30 min.
Pls dont expect Xiomi Redmi 1s for heavy games it will get so hot that you may not be able to hold it.


Camera in both the devices are equally good but the default camera app on moto g is pathetic. I installed Google camera app and its great.


This is the biggest con for zenfone 5. I had to carry my charger all the time. The battery management of Intel processors is still novice. I was traveling on train with GPS on as I was traveling for the first time to this place and the battery ran down from 99% to 30% in just 4.5 hours and still 2 hours journey left. What's the use of such phone which doesn't help in such situations. moto g is satisfactory in this aspect if not great as Qualcomm professors are frugal.

Xiomi Redmi 1s is OK in its price range but not great think that it consumes more battery due to heating of the device even on smallest of applications.


The sound in the Zenfone 5 is really very low and in this aspect the Moto G is way ahead. Moto G is a great media device. Xiomi Redmi 1s s OK in its price range.

The discission completely depends on buyer but for me the battery life is more important compared to any other features so I prefer moto g although a bit pricey.

Note: Xiomi Redmi 1s has improved in the heating department after the latest update from company but it still gets heated up. it took 3 updates from the company with each apprx 30 mb, 300 mb & 512 mb respectively. So make sure you have a broad band to be able to install these updates.

by Atul Singh

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